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1. What are the different sizes of Owenie curtains and linings?

The curtain width measurements indicated are width measurements of the curtain laying flat, not installed/or hanging on the rod. We offer the following curtain and lining sizes.

  • 57″Wx63″L
  • 57″Wx84″L
  • 57″Wx95″L
  • 57″Wx108″L
  • 53″Wx63″L
  • 53″Wx84″L
  • 53″Wx95″L
  • 57″Wx102″L
  • 53″Wx102″L


  • 53″Wx58″L
  • 53″Wx78″L

2. Do you offer made-to-measure curtains and linings?

At the moment, we do not offer made-to-measure curtains and linings.

3. Are the Owenie products sold by pair?

No, all our products are sold individually.

4. What is the diameter of the grommets? What is the diameter of the curtain rod?

Each grommet has 1.6 inches inner diameter. To ensure your curtains achieve a full and flowing effect, we recommend curtain rods with 1.18 inches diameter.

5.What about the curtains headings ?

For the grommet curtains:
Owenie curtains are made with 8 grommets. The diameter of the grommets is 1.6 inch (4 cm) and they are spaced every 5.11 inches (13 cm). When the curtains are folded back, the width of the panel is approximately 5.9 inches (15 cm). Plan to leave 1 inch (2.5 cm) between the top of the curtain rail and your ceiling. This space will be taken up by the material above the grommets.

For pencil pleat curtains:
Owenie curtains are sewn with 2.8 inches (7 cm) pencil pleat curtain tape. Pencil pleat consists of tightly gathered folds.

6. How do I take care of my Owenie curtain/lining?

For Owenie blackout curtains (without a lining) :
All our blackout curtains (without a lining) are machine washable at 86°F.For the Owenie thermal and sound insulation curtains :
Made predominantly from polyester but containing 0.01% aluminium, Owenie thermal and sound insulation curtains must be dry-cleaned. For small spots or marks you can use a slightly damp sponge to clean curtain fabric and linings.

7.How do I hem my curtains?

All our Owenie curtains are delivered with a heat-activated thermal adhesive strip, enabling you to adjust the dimensions of your curtains to fit your windows.

N.B.: Given the weight of the sound insulation curtain (6.61 pounds), we recommend adding a few stitches post-application to ensure the thermal adhesive strip stays in place.

8.Can I cut short my curtains/my lining?

Before cutting short the curtain, lay it flat and hold its position.
For the Owenie thermal curtains: Don’t forget to let around 1.9 inch if you wish to make an hem.
For the Owenie sound insulation curtains: Because of the three-layer structure, we recommend you contact a seamstress.

9.Can I use the Owenie thermal curtains in winter? In summer?

For winter: we suggest our blackout thermal curtains
The Owenie thermal curtains are made with a blackout or dim-out fabric and are lined with our winter thermal lining.
For summer and winter: we suggest our thermal sheers
Owenie has developed the Bi-Cool thermal lining, an exclusive process allowing this new fabric to offer effective technical performances, regardless of the side of the lining exposed to heat radiation. Thanks to the dual action of the Bi-Cool by Owenie lining, you are protected from the cold (and save up to 46% on heating costs), and from the heat (achieving a difference in temperature of up to 4°C (MB: Farenheit) when compared to the outdoors).

10.Can I be delivered in another country?

Yes, it is possible. Please contact us to get prices to be delivered in another country.




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